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About our company

Why choose us?

Mega-Logistics Zrt. is one of Hungary’s largest Hungarian owned faculty management and construction companies. We provide our high quality and flexible services with ambitious leadership and authentic resource management in a customer oriented way, both domestically and internally. Our Directorate for Investment is responsible for the general contractual tasks. Our colleagues working at the Directorate have all necessary licenses, permits, certifications, construction references and many years of experience from completing hundreds of thousands of square meters of construction.

With our stable financial background and quality equipment we accept commissions for planning new buildings and renovating old buildings, while ensuring the highest quality. In the past years, we completed renovations to the value of many tens of billions of Forints, these are a testimony of our professionalism and expertise, and the fact that the number of our customers continues to grow proves that our work is high quality and our clients are satisfied. Our profit management team acquired unique knowledge during their years in college and university, but they are always working on broadening their expertise, and they have become recognized experts in their fields. Our quality assurance policy is a major component of our strategy, it ensures that we meet the quality requirements of our clients. The ever-changing business, legal and investment landscape holds many risks and opportunities. Mega-Logistics Zrt. capitalizes on these risks and opportunities with our ability to quickly adapt and renew. The new buildings are spectacular, but they also serve as the basis of our lives!

Renovation, restoration and demolition works

The many projects completed for the different organizations of the Ministry of Defence stand out even from our many renovations, since these had to be completed in special conditions. In the last years we have completed the comprehensive renovation of buildings for military personnel (based on the indicated function), kitchens - dining rooms, hostels, office buildings, fuel stations, and health care buildings. We have also competed the renovation of government, municipal and private buildings.

Renovation and construction works on monuments and buildings under local protection

We believe that it is important to protect history. In the last years, our professional and well-prepared colleagues participated in many major renovations, restorations and developments of monuments and buildings under local protection. Two of these renovated buildings are the Military History Institute and Museum and the Stefánia Palace, both owned by the Ministry of Defence. Our major projects also include the Erzsébet Hotel complex in Paks, and the CBA Gourmet store at the central pedestrian street of Budapest (Váci u. 34.). The first stage of the renovation of the medieval castle in Csesznek made it easily accessible for the visitors. Our renovation work (with the faithful restoration of the facades) includes the renovation of the old post building in Nagyatád, the Leőwey High School in Pécs, the Visitor Centre in Balatonkeresztúr and the apartments at Budapest Balázs Béla u. 34-40.

  • 2001 - Mega-Logistic Zrt. was founded by consolidating its legal predecessors. Our business activity consists of faculty management and construction, we mainly work on military structures.
  • 2001 - our first project abroad: Hungarian base in Pristina
  • 2003 - we entered the healthcare facility management market
  • 2004 - our second project abroad: Hungarian base in Sarajevo
  • 2008-2009 - the first complex project: the development of the Military Air Base in Pápa
  • 2009 - our first hotel development
  • 2010 - renovation of multiple Hungarian diplomatic buildings in many EU countries
  • 2011 - our first significant retail building construction
  • 2013 - after stabilization, our company entered a growth trajectory, focus on finding new markets and business activities.
  • 2014 - the faculty management and investment business units also begin growing
  • 2015 - we started working outside of Europe
  • 2016 - significant growth in our construction industry investment activity
  • 2017 - we significantly increased our engineer and physical professional staff