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Environmental policy

The main activities of Mega-Logistic Zrt.: Facility management and maintenance, investment execution. Our company aims to carry out all activities with the Environment in mind. We understand that the above listed activities do not have a significant environmental impact, however environment-friendly thinking and operation is an important part of our company’s core philosophy.

Mega-Logistic Zrt. operates its Environmental control system based on the ISO 14001:2015 standard in strict accordance with our quality management system.

Our goal is to achieve a level of Environmental performance we can be proud of, we aim to gain the trust of all of our clients and interested parties, to be good neighbors, and to contribute to sustainable development.

To achieve our goals

  • We are committed to preventing environmental pollution, and we strive to continuously reduce our environmental emissions.
  • We follow all environmental legislation, decisions and standards applicable to our activities, and also our internal regulations.
  • We set environmental goals and targets, which we implement through environmental programmes, and we continuously monitor their execution.
  • During our activities and our office processes our primary goal is to selectively collect and dispose of all waste, or if possible recycle it.
  • We use energy and materials during our activities economically.
  • We regularly assess our Environmental performance, and we continuously improve our environmental management system based on these results.
  • We regularly inform our employees and interested parties about the performance and changes of our environmental management system.
  • We require our suppliers to perform their obligations in accordance with the requirements of our environmental management system.
  • The implementation of an environment-friendly approach and the promotion of environment-friendly thinking among our employees and suppliers is a high priority to our company, as this is needed to better meet the requirements of the interested parties.
  • We expect our employees to work in an environment-friendly way, which we support by offering regular training.