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Building maintenanceOur core philosophy dictates that we always complete our work. This would be impossible without successful long-term partnerships.
Maintenance, communal servicesWe strive to work in a way that shows our clients and colleagues that they are especially valuable to us, as we believe this is essential for high quality and adaptable services.
Residential building managementMega-Logistics Zrt. is one of Hungary's largest Hungarian owned residential building management companies.

Building maintenance

Building maintenance, maintenance of building engineering and electric systems, and the efficient and energy-saving operation of the energy and utility systems.
  • property and building management, preservation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • economical operation and monitoring of the heating systems (boiler rooms, heating centres, heating and sanitary hot water supply systems)
  • procurement of fuels (coal, natural gas, LPG, heating oil, etc.)
  • maintenance and troubleshooting of building engineering systems (water and drainage, electric systems, heating systems, district heating pipes, safety and fire detection equipment, entry systems)
  • monitoring the electronic networks and lightening protection systems
  • management and maintenance of water collection, cleaning and management systems (drilled wells, water towers, pressure vessel buildings, iron removal, water pumps, water reservoir pools, etc.)
  • operating and maintenance of waste water management and cleaning equipment and related structures
  • management, monitoring, maintenance and repair of elevators and lifting equipment
  • maintenance and repair of refrigerators (industrial and residential), electronic small appliances, kitchen appliances
  • contact with the local utility service providers (natural gas, district heating, electricity, water and drainage, chimney-sweep service providers)

Maintenance, communal services

  • building cleaning, provision of sanitary equipment (toiletries)
  • gardening, mowing,
  • street, sidewalk and pavement cleaning, snow removal and de-icing
  • pest control
  • communal waste collection and removal (through a third party), collection, removal and disposal (through a third party) of hazardous waste (fluorescent lights, paint remains, lacquer, thinners, kitchen grease, etc.) created during operation

Residential building management

We take special care when it comes to the comprehensive management of houses, apartments, housing estates, hotels/hostels, holiday resorts, i.e.:
  • management (management and monitoring of energy systems)
  • maintenance, 24 hour troubleshooting (architectural, engineering or electrical problems)
  • maintenance (cleaning, gardening, pest control), property management (documentation and invoicing in accordance with legislation)

Facility management references

We provide continuous services for HM. EI. Zrt. since 2001, at nearly 30 locations, on 470.000 m2 total area:

  • MH (Hungarian Defence Forces) Health Centre 1st location: Bp. Róbert K. krt.
  • MH (Hungarian Defence Forces) Health Centre 2nd location: Bp. Podmaniczky utca
  • MH (Hungarian Defence Forces) Health Centre 3rd location: Bp. Szanatórium utca
  • Ministry of Defence: Bp. Balaton utca

Institutes, institutions, barracks (15 buildings), holiday resorts (5 buildings), residential buildings (1050 buildings), hotels (12 buildings) at many significant locations in Hungary.
Counter Terrorism Centre, Szombathely;
Central Chief Prosecution Office of Investigation, Kaposvár;
On behalf of Schiller OPEL Autóház facility management at 6 locations, 14.000 m2 for almost 2 years;
Management of the Nagykanizsa site of Ot Industries - DKG Gépgyártó Zrt. for 2 years

Facility management abroad

Construction of the Kosovo, Pristina KFOR camp, then management for many years. This laid the foundation for our management services abroad.
Comprehensive facility management of the Hungarian contingent of the Bosnia EUFOR camp in Sarajevo for 10 years, this is a good example for the quality of our services.
Management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Brussels since May 2012. Our contract was extended, because our client was satisfied with our services;
  • National Healthcare Centre 1st location 1134 Budapest, Róbert Károly krt.
  • National Healthcare Centre 2nd location 1062 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 111.
  • National Healthcare Centre 3rd location 1121 Budapest, Szanatórium u. 2/a
  • National Healthcare Centre 4th location 2621 Verőce, Aranyoskút
  • National Healthcare Centre Sanatorium in Hévíz
  • National Healthcare Centre Cardiological Sanatorium in Balatonfüred
  • HM Honvéd Kulturális Szolgáltató Kht., Stefánia Palace, Budapest, Stefánia u. 34.
  • HM Zrínyi Kulturális Kht. Budapest, Kerepesi út 29/b.
  • Military Resort, Erdőbénye
  • Military Resort, Buják
  • Military Resort, Mátraháza
  • Military Resort, Hajdúszoboszló
  • Military Resort, Balatonkenese
  • MH 86 Peace Operations Training Centre, Szolnok
  • East Hungarian Military Recruitment and Interest Office, Szolnok
  • East Hungarian Military Recruitment and Interest Office, Budapest
  • MH 64 Boconádi Szabó József Logistic Regiment, Kaposvár
  • West Hungarian Military Recruitment and Interest Office, Kaposvár
  • West Hungarian Military Recruitment and Interest Office, Pécs
  • West Hungarian Military Recruitment and Interest Office, Szombathely
  • Pristina - Military camp (Kosovo)
  • EUFOR Camp Sarajevo (Bosnia)
  • Budapest Ministry of Defence apartments
  • Budapest Ministry of Defence hotels
  • Ministry of Defence houses in Kaposvár, Pécs, Balatonkenese, Kapoly, Cegléd, Erdőbény
  • MH vitéz Szurmay Sándor Budapest Garrison Brigade, Petőfi barrack, Budapest
  • MH vitéz Szurmay Sándor Budapest Garrison Brigade, MH 2nd structure, Budapest
  • HM Zrínyi Térképészeti és Kommunikációs Szolgáltató NK Kft, Budapest II., Budapest
  • MH 43. Nagysándor József Intelligence and Support Regiment, Székesfehérvár garrison and delegates, Székesfehérvár