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General contracting within the European Union

Domestic general contractingWith our domestic investments we are flexible to adapt to the needs of our clients, as we know very well, that a dynamically changing market means that the projects themselves also take shape over time.

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General contracting within the EUOur company is present in the European Union. Our investments meet the highest international requirements and qualifications.

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International General ContractingWe make good use of the excellent Hungarian engineering expertise on overseas markets. Our experts have many decades of experience in various construction industry fields, which is a perfect fit for international needs.

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Investments in progress

Our company is currently part of many domestic and foreign projects. Our building renovation services include comprehensive building reconstruction, as well as the restoration of buildings classified as national monuments.

Magyarország Hágai Nagykövetsége
Magyarország Nagykövetsége, Zágráb
Magyaro. Nagykövetsége, Pozsony
Magyaro. Nagykövetsége, Róma

Major European Union references


Mo. Főkonzulátusa, Düsseldorf
Mo. Szentszéki Nagykövetsége, Róma
Mo. Nagykövetsége, Róma


Mo. Nagykövetsége, Zágráb


Mo. Nagykövetsége, Ljubljana
Mo. Nagykövetsége, Lisszabon


Mo. Madridi és Moszkvai Konzulátus
Mo. Nagykövetsége, Bécs


Mo. Nagykövetsége, Strasbourg


Brüsszel, Külügyminisztérium